Health Coaching & Equilibrium Therapy


A relatively new concept, with a lot of back marketing at the moment, trying to approach you holistically, simplistically, by establishing a solid foundation for the physical or health aspect of your life.


Life Coaching & Building Equilibrium


Life coaching is the moment of action. The moment you put effort and grow up. You plant the seed, feed it with intentions and start to notice the first signs of your work. The most beautiful start. Everything you’ve brought up with your life begins to grow.


Wellness Coaching & Enjoying Equilibrium


The seedlings planted at the right time, that is early spring, the action and work done at the right time, that is summer, can send you to the autumn with the joy of having a quiet winter.


How can we help you?

The Stone Movement brings an entire experience, not just coaching or consulting services. Experience is supported by a solid foundation of our sporting, professional and personal past. Everything we offer comes from our direct experience, every service has been tested by us in various situations. This combined experience of personal life is added to the 4 years of activity in the Stone Movement brand with outstanding results on weight loss, personal or group training, Yoga and Ayurveda workshops, life and health services coaching, changing lifestyle and preventing certain diseases, namely the holistic and natural approach to the different physical, mental and emotional affections.

We’ve shared everything in 3 steps, which can guide you and support exactly where you need it. First, Health Coaching, with which we will be able to find the balance of your overall health. The second, Life Coaching, in which we build on the balance of general health. The third, Wellness Coaching, in which we will enjoy together the results of the previous two steps, the moment you will taste with passion every moment of your life. Depending on the situation and the moment, you can start anywhere, from any step, our programs are extremely flexible and adaptable to any situation. And when we talk about health, we are not just talking about physical health, but also mental, emotional or spiritual.

EMS Training by XBody NEWAVE®

Benefits of EMS training.

EMS training (electro-mio-stimulation) is part of the wave of technology that has just embraced us. This type of work is intended to activate the muscles and the nervous system, with the least impact on the joints, the muscles and the energy system.

It only takes 20 minutes and is the best option for those who lack time, have joint pains, weight problems or have not been doing sports for a long time.



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